Raidas (1988) 新時代

5月會考季節, Raidas為同學打氣, 看官有沒有88年考Cert的? 筆者不怕透露年齡, 88年正是小弟考會考的一年, 最記得就是History是新syllabus, 由Congress of Vienna讀起. 那個年頭, 一個考公開試季節, 一個放榜時間, 歌手偶像都要出來為同學打氣, 多謝晒.

一紅一藍校服look, 背景是半島囉.

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading your site for a while and I find it super awesome and so close to my heart. Thinking we might be around the same age, and now I know we are same age! Emigrated to Canada in 87 so I skipped 會考. Keep up the good work! 80's forever!