好多人問周影而家去咗邊, 在 http://www.shadow.com.hk/artist/ 等網站查到周影的近況和近照, 幾乎唔同晒樣, 差點不認得她, 細看文字介紹才肯定就是做過香港歌手的周影. 她曾習舞, 做過港台DJ, 90年和91年在寶麗金出了兩張唱片, 有"情路茫茫", "還仍然想我嗎?", "讓我愉快愛一次"等歌曲, 之後她在無線, Channel V, Star TV和Time Warner CETV做過VJ/音樂節目主持, 又在演藝學院教過書, 嫁了在演藝學院教書的洋人講師, 名字變了洋名Shadow Blackwell, 近年她在表演製作及創作界發展, 開了自己的公司, 做過內地大型表演的assistant director, 與外國舞團合作, 及在2010年廣州亞運會的表演擔任工作人員.
這是她比較詳細的履歷 :

做過普通話DJ, 主持第一台及第五台節目, 斷斷續續主持節目至2000年.

在寶麗金唱片公司推出兩張唱片 : "甚麼時候我們再見"及"還仍然想我嗎?", 擔任張學友國內演唱會表演嘉賓.

簽約TVB, 主持深宵音樂節目, 參與綜藝節目, 拍攝MV等.

Chanel V VJ
加入Star TV (Asia), 擔任Channel V的VJ, 兼做資料搜集及撰稿等工作, 主持娛樂頻道, 電影頻道節目等

加入AOL時代華納集團的CETV - China Entertainment Television Broadcast Ltd, 主持國際文化藝術節目, 以及國語娛樂節目.

在APA做兼職講師, 教Communication for the Technical Arts課程, 教授演講技巧, 履歷撰寫技巧, 自我認識, 為有志加入娛樂行業的學生提供協助.

在藝術中心的Too Art Gallery參與本地女性藝術展覽"My Fair Lady".

表演製作公司Assistant Director
加入一間製作公司任assistant director, 策劃深圳東部華僑城的大型水秀表演"天淼".

擔任2010年廣州亞運外國專家的藝術助理, 協助中國團隊與外國創作人員溝通.

以下是她自己寫的profile :
Shadow 周影 , Indonesian-Chinese born, brought up in Hong Kong, studied dance in New York at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Centre, Music and Fine Art in Hong Kong. She worked as a Radio DJ with The Radio Television Hong Kong, a Recording Artist with Polygram, and a TV presenter for TVB, MTV Asia, Channel V, Star TV and Time Warner CETV, for many years.
Shadow was Assistant Director of "Aqua 天淼" the first water show in Southern China, designed by Mark Fisher; architect of the 2009 Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies.
In 2010 Shadow continued to work, as a creative consultant with Mark Fisher, and Jacques Heims; Founder and Artistic Director of "Diavolo" dance company in the US, on the 16th Asian Games ceremonies in Guangzhou.

Shadow Blackwell
Director, Artist at Shadow Projects Limited (Fine Art, Performing Art, Music, & Entertainment Industry)
Shadow Projects Limited
Director, Artist
公司名稱 Shadow Projects Limited
到職日期 2006 年 12 月 – 目前 任職期間 10 年 8 個月
地點 Hong Kong
Currently a two-hander, Shadow Projects Ltd. has been in operation since 2006.
Shadow and Jeremy Blackwell, the founders and the artists of the company, have experience that is both comprehensive and diverse, allowing for the possibility of a wide range of responses to a wide range of problems.
A fundamental is to maximize the experience available. This encompasses Fine Art, Performing arts, TV/media, Music, Communication, Education, and Design.
It is a broad mixture, but there is a common thread that runs through all of it, and that is an ability to think and act empirically, and eclectically, and to utilise this creative resource.

16th Asian Games - China Guangzhou 2010.
Artistic Assistant to Foreign Experts
公司名稱 16th Asian Games - China Guangzhou 2010.
到職日期 2009 年 8 月 – 2010 年 11 月 任職期間 1 年 4 個月
地點 China, Guangzhou
Shadow has continued to work with Mark Fisher (Designer of the 2009 Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies), and Jacques Heims (Diavolo' Dance Company - Artistic Director), acting for both as their Artistic Assistant, and for other foreign consultants:
Shadow assisted the foreign consultants in their collaboration and communication with the Chinese Director, Creative and Technical Production team, works being based on Chinese culture to create a Chinese production with Western creative input.
Core Creative team:-
Chief Director: Chen Weiya 陈维亚
Executive Chief Director: Zhang Dongxin 章东新 Deng Ruibin 邓锐斌
Chief Designer of fine Arts: Mark Fisher
Chief Designer of Visual Model- making: Michael Curry
Chief Designer of Fireworks: Christopher Berthonneau
Performance Technology: Jacques Heim

The Generating Company (UK)
Assistant Director
公司名稱 The Generating Company (UK)
到職日期 2008 年 5 月 – 2009 年 8 月 任職期間 1 年 4 個月
地點 China
Assistant Director for 'The Generating Company' (UK), developing the spectacular contemporary water show 'Aqua 天淼', for the client ‘East Overseas China Town 东部华侨城’ Shenzhen, the emphasis being on aerial acrobatic and circus skills.
'Aqua' is the largest outdoor water show in China, situated in a purpose built venue, that opened in the Autumn since 2009. The cast consists of over five hundred international performers, and an international creative and production team.
Tasked with assisting the Show Director in leading the company and cast, working closely with the Creative Producer, The Generating Company, in the preparation of the interpretative and demonstrative vision of the show.
Dealing with a group that is multi cultural/lingual, with a variety of expectations and norms.
Figurative in ‘translating’ the artistic concepts of the Director and Creative Producer to the broad based assembly required, to create the performance.
Creative Team:-
Creative Producer/Designer: Mark Fisher (www.stufish.com)
Paul Cockle: Executive Producer & Managing Director
Director: Abigail Yeates
Music Producer: Nick Crofts
Composer: Akintayo Akinbode
Props/Set Designer: Mick Bearwish

Exhibition - My Fair Lady
公司名稱 Exhibition - My Fair Lady
到職日期 2005 年 3 月 – 2005 年 5 月 任職期間 3 個月
地點 Too Art Gallery, Art Centre Hong Kong
Shadow participated in a local female art exhibition 'My Fair Lady';
Well received exhibition of personal 3D artworks.

APA - The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
公司名稱 APA - The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
到職日期 2002 年 – 2005 年 任職期間 3 年
地點 Hong Kong
The APA provides training for students aged 17+, to become professionals in the entertainment industry.
Shadow was a part time lecturer, teaching Communication for the Technical Arts students:-
Instructing students on presentation skills, assisting students in resume preparation; Assisting in self-analysis and providing guidance in students’ studies of the entertainment industry;
The most rewarding aspect of teaching is seeing the personal growth of the students and their ability at the end of the course to communicate their views and ideas articulately and with confidence.

CETV - China Entertainment Television Broadcast Ltd
TV Presenter
公司名稱 CETV - China Entertainment Television Broadcast Ltd
到職日期 2000 年 – 2002 年 任職期間 2 年
地點 Hong Kong
CETV, member of the AOL Time Warner Group, broadcasting to Hong Kong and Mainland China.
Shadow is the member of the original team that launched the channel at HK in 2000; Hosting of International Arts programme series and daily Entertainment programmes in Mandarin.
The entertainment program consistently received the highest rating.

RTHK - Radio Television Hong Kong
Radio Presenter
公司名稱 RTHK - Radio Television Hong Kong
到職日期 1987 年 – 2000 年 任職期間 13 年
地點 Hong Kong
RTHK, the Hong Kong Public Broadcaster;
In 90's Shadow broke new ground being the first Mandarin DJ in Hong Kong and the first Bi-lingual programme presenter.
Full time and freelance since 1987 to 2000, programmes including Radio Drama, music and enterainment programmes in Radio 1 and Radio 5.

Start TV (Asia)
公司名稱 Start TV (Asia)
到職日期 1993 年 – 1995 年 任職期間 2 年
地點 Hong Kong and Asia
Star TV- Satellite Television Asia Region; The company successfully introduced media personalities, Video Jockeys, to Asia.
Shadow became the member of the original team that launched Channel [V], the new music channel to the Asia.
Shadow's programmes covered in Star TV network were:-
MTV Asia - VJ
Star Chinese Channel - entertainment programme host
Channel [V] - VJ, researching and scriptwriting
Movie Channel - programme host

TVB - Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited.
TV Presenter/ Solo Artist (Singer)
公司名稱 TVB - Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited.
到職日期 1992 年 – 1993 年 任職期間 1 年
地點 Hong Kong
TVB is one of the largest terrestrial TV Broadcasters in Hong Kong and in Asia.
Hosting the first midnight music programmes in Hong Kong;
Shadow made several Solo promotional music videos and performed in various variety show performances.
Polygram Records Ltd.

Solo Artist - Singer
公司名稱 Polygram Records Ltd.
到職日期 1990 年 – 1992 年 任職期間 2 年
地點 Hong Kong
Polygram was the major music label in Asia;
Shadow has produced 2 solo albums:
1. When Can We Meet?
2. Still Remember Me?
Guest Singer for Jackie Cheung - Concert in China
All tracks were used in several compilation albums.

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